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Engineering Support

Let NIF Help Turn Your Design Challenges into Practical Solutions


NIF and our newly formed subsidiary, Newport Collaborative Engineering, work hard to develop constructible solutions to address design challenges and omissions. Our team has a long history working directly with GC’s, Engineers of Record and Architects to find solutions that are in the best interest of the project. From concept to completion, NIF has the expertise to resolve even the most complex geometric designs with in depth 3D modeling and analysis.


When traditional layout techniques become inadequate, NIF develops and employs custom 3D technologies. With in-house survey equipment, NIF can layout nearly any non-planar, non-orthogonal assembly with ease and accuracy. These layouts can then be translated to digital as-built records and transmitted to our customers to insure on site fit-up.


NIF also utilizes a group of industry leading experts including specialty HSS connection engineering, casting experts, geometric analysis, thermal spray coatings as well as a cast of structural engineers.

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