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Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel


Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) is being used in building projects more than ever. Newport Industrial Fabrication has aggressively positioned itself to meet the requirements of this trend. In 2001 we implemented our first three-dimensional modeling software package and haven’t slowed down since. We have expanded both our paint and fabrication facilities and continue to invest in cutting edge fabrication and coatings technology.


These improvements, combined with our highly motivated and creative fabricators, form a fabrication team that welcomes the challenges of AESS. 


Newport Industrial Fabrication has a management team dedicated to meeting the architect’s vision and customers’ expectations. Newport Industrial Fabrication has been doing specialized exposed steel treatments for years. Clients include institutions such as Baxter School for the Deaf, Maine Maritime Academy, Boston Children’s Museum, MassDOT, Connecticut DOT and NYC Police Academy.


From concept to completion, NIF is prepared to meet your specialized project needs.


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