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The NIF Story


Newport Industrial Fabrication, Inc. (NIF) was incorporated in 1997. The company has grown from a handful of key team members into a three-shift operation with quality, detailing and project management departments. The facility has also grown from 8,000 square feet to over 35,000 square feet.


We specialize in three dimensional free space frames. The more geometrically demanding, the better we like the project.  We pride ourselves in not being an average fabricating and coatings team. Respecting the architect’s vision, the structural integrity and adding the finishing touches are core values.


NIF’s project management philosophy is to become involved from concept through erection. Our design assets add technical welding, sophisticated coatings and advanced dimensional controls along with timely feasibility studies. We care about the aesthetics and the constructability. These are items that are often neglected by the fabricator.


We pride ourselves in our ability to work as a team. The entire company meets to discuss safety, quality, and production issues weekly. Each team member is looking for a way to make our customers and our company more competitive. We have the experience and the equipment to get the job done.


Lead our industry by excelling with the implementation of innovation, technology and engineering solutions to meet our customer's needs.

Long Term Planning to maintain a safe, people friendly atmosphere. Insuring a Strong Positive Reputation with our employees, customers, industry, and vendors. A reputation based on honesty, fairness and creativity.

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